custom home elevators

Customize Your Home Elevator

Customizing Your Home Elevator

Home Elevators

That’s right-home elevators. Architects and builders are finding their projects to include a home elevators or setting up the home for a future elevator by pre-creating a shaftway out of closets stacked in line. Having an elevator in your home can help you in several ways as a home owner.

Closet Shaftway

Converting Stacked Closets to Elevator Shaft

If a home elevator is something works with your home, you have endless options.


Conventional Elevator vs. PVE

Conventional elevators are placed in a shaftway built by a contractor. Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators (PVE) do not need a shaftway. The “tubes” come premanufactured and only require assembly. Since the shape is cylindrical, a round hole should be cut out of a ceiling, or a half-moon platform should be constructed at the landing if the tube is not going through a ceiling.

tube elevator

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator



The Cab of Your Home Elevator

Cabs can be customized with a wide variety of interior walls, tile, and fixtures. Most manufacturers provide various wood, metal, stone, and other standard design options, as well as customizable ones.

Residential Elevator Cab


Home Elevator Gates

The elevator gate (located inside the door), is a required safety fixture. Options for gates include scissor gate, accordion, and enterprise.


Home Elevator Gates

Home Elevator Gates



Elevator Configurations



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