Elevator Service Company, Inc. Receives Approval for Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator in Massachusetts

March 29, 2018 Cambridge, MA— As of 12:00 pm March 29, 2018, in Cambridge, MA, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has fully approved the use of the PVE 30, 37, and 52 models for residential use.
The PVE is an eco-friendly elevator, powered by air. The elevator comes in three models, including a wheelchair-accessible model. PVE has been a manufacturer in the US since 2002 and is approved in 49 states.
“PVE is thrilled with the recent outcome of the first unit inspected and approved in Massachusetts. It has been a long journey to get to this point, but with the team efforts of PVE and Elevator Service Company, we have successfully accomplished out goal. We look forward to operating in Massachusetts without any restrictions moving forward”
-Stephan Gruber, PVE

After working closely with the Board of Elevator Regulations and the Office of Public Safety & Inspections-Division of Professional Licensure, Elevator Service Company was granted exclusive approval to install the first PVE. Elevator Service Company, Inc.’s President, Steven Roth remarked: “Upon the elevator’s successful installation, the PVE is now formally approved, and is available to consumers, by the Massachusetts Board of Elevator Regulators. We look forward to providing the best products and services our industry has to offer.”
Elevator Service Company, Inc. furnishes and installs Pneumatic Vacuum elevator in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, and Eastern New York.
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The 35th Annual Fall Home Show

The final convention of the year is upon us. The 35th Annual Fall Home Show, presented by Jenks Productions, runs October 24th to the 26th 2014, located at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, CT. With a vendor list of over 350 companies, from Appliances to Windows and Doors, and everything in-between, anything you’re looking for is guaranteed to be there.

With the winter months coming, this is the perfect opportunity to look into energy saving options. On that same front, Elevator Service Company has options to be more energy efficient, while still improving your day to day mobility. Our exclusive Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator, is a “Green Technology” lift. It uses the same amount of energy that an average house hold dryer does to lift the cab, and NO ENERGY for the cab to descend.

Interested in improved safety in the home? During potential winter power outages, all our lifts have safety features that allow the lift to return to the ground floor. Beyond that, our Symmetry Elevators have options to continue running up and down, up to 7 times*.

Do you already have an elevator, lift, or stair chair? Come by and ask us about our preventative maintenance program. Is your lift worn out, or is the manufacturer no more? We have solutions to modernize your lift, or even replace the entire unit. From homes to businesses, we will be on hand, every day, to answer all your question on how we can improve your home mobility.

Come by booth #1703 to see our sales specialists and our wide range of products and services.

[box centered_title=”false” inner_padding=”small” with_bg=”true”]67th Connecticut Home & Remodeling Show

WHEN: October 24th – October 26th
WHERE: Connecticut Convention Center, 100 Columbus Boulevard, Hartford, Connecticut 06103
SHOW HOURS: Friday – 5pm-9pm, Saturday – 10am-6pm, Sunday – 10am-5pm
TICKETS: $10: Adults Admission, $8: Senior, $5 for Children 12 and Under

*Usage number dependent on backup, charge and load.

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NAEC’s 65th Annual Convention & 2014 Exposition

Elevator Service Company is down to Texas this week, for the NAEC’s 65th Annual Convention & 2014 Exposition. The NAEC (National Association of Elevator Contractors) is the premier association representing the elevator industry, it’s manufacturers, and installers. The Annual convention and exposition this year, is being held in San Antonio, Texas.

This year, the convention offers many different “Roundtables” from employment laws, to best practices for scaffolding & residential elevator shafts. These discussions bring to the for front issues and concerns for every player in the elevator industry, and how we tackle these issues. The convention also offers several educational sessions. Topics including: Materials and Technology in Elevator Cab Interiors, Elevator & Escalator Inspection/Testing Techniques, and Efficiency in Performing Annual and Five Year Tests.

On the exhibition side, there are over 175 different exhibitors. With products ranging from architectural metals to geared machines, hydraulic lifts, wheelchair lifts & stairlifts, emergency lighting and more. This give Elevator Service Company, a view of new products on the market, and opportunities for us to expand what we can offer our customers.

Elevator Service Companies own President and Vice President, Steven Roth and Paul Farnsworth, respectively, will be in attendance this year, to bring their combined experience in the field they will have plenty to bring to the “Roundtables”. In turn they will also bring back all they have learned, new manufacturer connections, and any new vendors to improve our services for you.

For more information about the NAEC visit their website.
And for more information about the convention, click here.

Home Elevator Safety Campaign

To any home owner, the idea of an residential elevator may be a dream come true. For people with mobility issues, it goes beyond just a novel idea, to it being a necessity. But there are many safety measures and concerns when installing, operating and maintaining a home elevator. Our friends over at Garaventa Lift informed us of a brand new, and much needed, initiative for Home Elevator Education, to help answer questions and concerns when installing a home elevator.

In June of this year, the homeSAFE (Safety Awareness For Home Elevators) campaign was launched. The homeSAFE partners: The Association of Members of the Accessibility Equipment Industry (AEMA), National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC), National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities International (NAESA International) and ThyssenKrupp Access Corp, reflect the industry production, inspection, sales and installation process of home elevators. The intent of this campaign is to help raise awareness about the installation, operation and maintenance of home elevators. Not only is this is an Industry-First, but its an Industry-Wide awareness campaign.

With the desire for home elevators on the rise (Chicago Tribune), as well as the market consistently growing, more and more home elevators are getting installed. But despise this rise in installations, there is little available information for potential consumers. “Until now, much of this information was either scattered on various websites or not documented. Having information in one place helps homeowners easily find basic information about home elevator safety and smart practices. Simply, this allows them to assume greater control over their safety.” – John Sweeney, president of NAEC. Having customers aware of all the aspects of a home elevator, creates a dialogue between parties, asking more informed questions, and receiving more concrete answers.

This gives Elevator Service Company another source of information to help guide our customers. There are countless questions when considering installing a home elevator. Between price, model, and contracting issues, safety questions sometimes fall to the wayside. With this new campaign there is a place for us to direct both current, and future customers who might have raised safety concerns.

homeSAFE Press Release
More on home elevators.

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators: Solutions for Retrofits and New Construction

Pneumatic vacuum elevators are the next big innovation in residential elevator technology. Powered by air and low on energy consumption, vacuum elevators are safe, efficient and attractive ways to increase the number of upward mobility options in your home. Unlike older elevator designs, pneumatic elevators do not rely on a system of heavy weights and pulleys to function.

Instead, the vacuum elevator uses a careful manipulation of the air pressure above and below the elevator car to deliver passengers safely and quickly to their destination. Here’s why this matters: Because pneumatic elevators do not require tons of complex construction (most of our installs are done in two days), they make the absolute best choice for both retrofitting old homes and building new ones.

If you’re working on a new home, you can work a PVE elevator into the design from the outset. Vacuum elevators require very little space beyond that which the cylinder takes up, and any architect or designer should be able to find the perfect spot to put one when working out the final layout of your home. If you’re remodeling or need an elevator added to an existing home, the small space requirements and low-impact construction process make pneumatic elevators even better.

Look at it this way: Residential elevators were once clunky, massive installations that required weeks of construction and a full overhaul of your house’s layout. Sometimes structural changes would even need to be made. But that time has come and gone, and pneumatic elevators make it easy to add a home elevator to both new and old residences.

Check out our fascinating line of vacuum elevators and you’ll quickly see how attractive and low-maintenance they are.
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