ConvertaStep Added to the ESCO Product Lineup

Elevator Service Company is always on the search to bring the best products to you. Thats why we are excited and proud to announce we are now the exclusive Connecticut and New York dealer for ConvertaStep Platforms.

ConvertaStep Platforms, an Illinois based company, has 10 years of experience making mobility products. President Steve Kitchin is a wheelchair user himself, and has used his personal experience to design, manufacture and market “exceptional mobility and access products”.

Where ConvertaStep brakes from the pack, is how their products fit into the homestead. A traditional wheelchair ramp is costly, and takes up far too much space. ConvertaStep Platforms can be installed at a fraction of the cost, and they take up very little room. ConvertaStep Platforms also are available in different colors or materials, making sure it will blend in with any home exterior. They are adjustable from 11” up 33”, they can lift up to 700lbs, and offer accruements like: a seat, handrails, and section sensors.

ConvertaStep Platforms may seem like a small departure from Elevator Service Company’s wheelhouse of mobility products. But when a Residential Inclined Wheelchair Lift or a Residential Vertical Platform Lift, doesn’t quite fit the project spectrum, whether its pricing, space, or compromise of styling, a ConvertaStep Platform is the choice alternative. And with Elevator Service Company as the exclusive dealer, we are able to bring you the best pricing on a ConvertaStep Platform.

For more information, and to see the entire ConvertaStep product line, go to

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