Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators: Solutions for Retrofits and New Construction

Pneumatic vacuum elevators are the next big innovation in residential elevator technology. Powered by air and low on energy consumption, vacuum elevators are safe, efficient and attractive ways to increase the number of upward mobility options in your home. Unlike older elevator designs, pneumatic elevators do not rely on a system of heavy weights and pulleys to function.

Instead, the vacuum elevator uses a careful manipulation of the air pressure above and below the elevator car to deliver passengers safely and quickly to their destination. Here’s why this matters: Because pneumatic elevators do not require tons of complex construction (most of our installs are done in two days), they make the absolute best choice for both retrofitting old homes and building new ones.

If you’re working on a new home, you can work a PVE elevator into the design from the outset. Vacuum elevators require very little space beyond that which the cylinder takes up, and any architect or designer should be able to find the perfect spot to put one when working out the final layout of your home. If you’re remodeling or need an elevator added to an existing home, the small space requirements and low-impact construction process make pneumatic elevators even better.

Look at it this way: Residential elevators were once clunky, massive installations that required weeks of construction and a full overhaul of your house’s layout. Sometimes structural changes would even need to be made. But that time has come and gone, and pneumatic elevators make it easy to add a home elevator to both new and old residences.

Check out our fascinating line of vacuum elevators and you’ll quickly see how attractive and low-maintenance they are.
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