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Normally, when looking for news on a particular subject we would just go to our favorite search engine and type what we might be looking for. The problem with searching say, elevator news, is it can get muddled with news articles involving anything with an elevator. This is where some of the old ways still are the best. The NAEC (National Association of Elevator Contractors) sends a monthly newsletter, Mainline,  that has great information for both consumers and contractors.

To start off, Mainline is a free resource. To view the back catalogue, you do need to be a registered and verified member, but the current newsletter is available to view and download, every month. Each issue has insights on what’s happening industry and nationwide. The current issue of May 2014, focuses on the NAEC Accessibility/Residential Committee – Exhibiting at IBS” in Las Vegas, NV. Also highlighted are some products from the exhibitor showcase. These two in particular caught our interests.

CEDES APS (Absolute Positioning System): What this system can do is essential eliminate the final limit switch, final limit inspection switch, over-speed governor, emergency terminal speed limiting, early door opening, re-leveling with open doors and detection of unintended car movement. At the same time the system “tracks car speed and position with the precision and reliability of a Swiss watch.” It accomplishes this by having twin Infrared cameras mounted on car, reading a continues code tape along the shaft wall, the doors, or anywhere. Think of it like a floor to ceiling barcode.

Solo Project, from Kings III: Essentially the Life Alert(R) for workers who are in the field and running solo. With functionality including: 24/7 support, Man Down detection, SiRF IV GPS and an innovative camera function, this is a great investment for workers in the elevator industry. There is even a verbal abuse capture feature, to help employees facing social risk.

To stay on top of the industry and be able to offer our customers the latest and greatest in elevator technology and trends, we need to be beyond informed. Mainline offers us that information outlet. And its not just Mainline that makes it easier to stay ahead. There are plenty of other resources, some direct from our manufacturers themselves, filled with insights, news and the latest product information.

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