ESCO and Government Contracting

Recently Elevator Service Company has become a certified and verified US Federal Contractor. This is represented by the Vendor Verified seal in the lower portion of our website.

What follows is a brief history of what has lead us to this point. In 2012 the CCR or Central Contractor Registration, which was the primary supplier database for the U.S. Federal government, merged its database with the other ten Federal procurement systems. Those systems being: FedReg – Federal Register, ORCA – Online Representations and Certifications Application, EPLS – Excluded Parties List System, CFDA – Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance, eSRS – Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System, FBO – Federal Business Opportunities, FPDS-NG – Federal Procurement Data System Next Generation, FPDS – Federal Procurement Data System, FSRS – FFATA Subaward Reporting System, FFATA – Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act, PPIRS – Past Performance Information Retrieval System, WDOL – Wage Determination Online Homepage.

The new integrated procurement system is call SAM, or the System for Award Management. To be SAM certified, company needs to work directly with a SAM case manager to complete their CCR and ORCA filing. Elevator Service Company has done just that.

According to The Georgia Tech Procurement Assistance Center “as many as 20 percent of the over 600,000 firms presently registered in CCR have mistakes in their records.” When a non-certified vendor places a bid and some minute detail in their CCR information is incorrect, that bid can potentially be lost. Being certified gives assurance to our customers that all of our information is correct and compliant. Our certification sets us apart from the competition who might have a rushed or poorly prepared registration to try and bid on contracts.

This again is just another step for Elevator Service Company to be ahead of the game. Weather its us using the most innovative elevator technologies, or simply taking the proper time and measures to be recognized for our service. Our consumers will find quality and assurance with our work.

More on SAM –

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