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Only way to go is up!

When it comes to modern day home building, more and more architects and home builders are designing homes with multiple stories. Square footage for homes have doubled since 1973. With lot sizes dramatically decreasing, and the demand for larger homes increasing, building vertically is the best answer to building a [new] home. New construction can […]

Benefits of a Home Elevator

Benefits of a Home Elevator   As times change and people live longer, more and more homeowners are installing elevators in their homes. Having a home elevator is an affordable solution for many needs and purposes. Whether you need to negotiate different levels of your home, looking to increase your home value or simply planning […]

Elevator Door Interlocks

Electromechanical door interlocks hold the door in place and prevent it from being opened when/if the elevator is in use. When the door closes, the interlock is engaged, enabling the elevator to operate.  Door interlocks are required by Connecticut State Code for all residential elevators and lifts. Safety Features: -Meets safety codes -Reduced Potential Call-backs […]

Elevator 5 Year Full Load Test

  An elevator is a vehicle and requires maintenance just like a car, train or a plane. The required testing is for the safety of the users. Having a 5 year full load test on time saves a home owner lots of headaches and money in the long run. Not only is it required by […]

Customize Your Home Elevator

Customizing Your Home Elevator That’s right-home elevators. Architects and builders are finding their projects to include a home elevators or setting up the home for a future elevator by pre-creating a shaftway out of closets stacked in line. Having an elevator in your home can help you in several ways as a home owner. If […]

Connecticut Elevator Oligopoly Gives Vets a Lift

Connecticut Elevator Oligopoly Gives Vets a Lift Torrington, CT—Local small business owners and philanthropists, Steve Roth and Paul Farnsworth of Elevator Service Company, Inc of Torrington, CT, have the honor of participating in a new program surrounding Veterans in the mobility world. According to the 2014 US Census, more than 1 million Veterans were reported […]

Elevator Service Company, Inc Welcomes New Associates

Due to the immense growth in the last two years, Elevator Service Company, Inc (ESCO), has, again, grown its team. The expansion has included the addition of Project Manager, Steve Berko just three months ago. Joining Berko are Torrington native, Ora Curry, and Amber Wilder. Ora J. Curry, former Automotive Sales Manager, graduated from Uconn […]