Ask yourself any of these questions about your elevator equipment: Is it antiquated? Is it code compliant? Does it function the way you want? Is it tired? Is it inefficient? If any of these are answered by yes, let one of our design professionals engineer your modernization. For less than you think Elevator Service Company, Inc can bring your old and outdated equipment back to life.

What a modernization can do for your equipment:

Upgrade older equipment to reduce maintenance and repair cost

Increase performance

Cost effective solutions prolong the useful life of your elevator system

Remodel for a fresh look

Elevator Service Company, Inc can modernize your old equipment in these areas:

In The Controller:

  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Accurate floor leveling
  • Increase response time
  • Add emergency fire service compliance 
  • Increases ride comfort

The Door Equipment:

  • Improve door speeds
  • Reduce door operator noise
  • Added passenger safety
  • Enhance aesthetics

Within the Cab:

  • Improve passenger comfort
  • Remodel for a fresh look
  • Meet American with Disabilities Act (ADA) codes
  • LED lights for improved energy efficiency

Signage and Signals:

  • ADA compliant signage
  • Upgrade emergency lighting
  • Uniform aesthetics
  • Upgrade emergency communications

Hydraulic Power Unit:

  • Improve the performance and ride
  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • Accurate floor leveling
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Increase ride speed

Traction Upgrades:

  • Enhance ride quality
  • Improve braking system for added safety
  • Increase equipment efficiency
  • Safety and governor upgrades
  • Wire rope upgrades

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