Premium Extended Material Warranty

We are very proud to now offer or exclusive PREMIUM EXTENDED MATERIAL WARRANTY. Most manufacturers and other contractors offer a product warranty from, at minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 3 years.

Our PREMIUM EXTENDED MATERIAL WARRANTY covers the mechanical and structural elevator equipment and components for 15 years. While also covering all electrical equipment and its components for 5 years.

By having and maintaining our standard maintenance contract, your lift will be automatically covered under our industry leading, and exclusive premium warranty. Contact us today for more information.

Mechanical/Structural Equipment Components

Warranty Duration – 15 Years

Buffer Springs
Buffer Stands
Cable Clamps
Drive Belts
Drive Chains
Flitch Plates
Guide Shoes
Guide Shoe Liner
Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Fluids
Hydraulic Jack Bracket
Hydraulic Pipe

Hydraulic Valve Seals
Hydraulic Tank
Line Shut Off Valve
Magnets (Leveling)
Mounting Hardware
Overspeed Valve
Pedestal Post
Pedestal Post Bracket
Pedestal Post Assembly
Pipe Rupture Valve
Pressure Gauge
Rail Brackets

Rails (Guide)
Rail Clips
Rams Header
Slack Chain Safety Assembly
Slack Rope Safety Assembly
Stop Blocks
Suspension Cable
Upstand Jack Assembly
Valves (Hydraulic Control – Excluding Valves with Contaminated Oil)
Yoke Assembly

Electrical Equipment Components

Warranty Duration – 5 Years

Battery Lowering Device
Call Buttons
Call Button Bulbs
Car Operating Panel
Car Top Box/Controller
Door Closure Springs
Door Interlocks
Door Operators
Electrical Conduit/Raceway
Electronic Door Edge Safety Device
Elevator Emergency Alarm System
Emergency Lighting System

Emergency Telephone
Flood Switch
Gate Operators
Gate Switches
Gate Cams
Light Fixtures
Limit Switches
Modular Plugs
P.C. Boards (Controller)

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
Pump (Hydraulic)
Slack Chain Safety Switch
Slack Rope Safety Switch
Travel Cable
Travel Cable Clamps
Uninterruptible Power Supply (U.P.S.)
Variable Frequency Drive

Additional Extended Premium Warranty Features

Warranty Duration – 15 Years

Technical Support Equipment Diagnosis
Technical Support Assistance Equipment Reset
Equipment Manufacturer Software Upgrades
Equipment Manufacturer Recall Notification
Required “Maintenance Control Program (MCP)” – If Applicable
Required State Test Reporting – If Applicable
Maintenance Appointment Alerts
No Parts/Equipment Pro-Ration
Warranty & Contract Transferability

Elevator Service Co., Inc. (ESCO) Premium Extended Material Warranty requires an ongoing, paid in full, Elevator Service Company Maintenance Contract (separate document) or the ESCO Premium Extended Material Warranty will be considered null and void. ESCO Premium Extended Material Warranty must be executed within 30 Days of Equipment Turnover or will be subject to ESCO approval. ESCO Premium Extended Material Warranty pertains only to the items and coverage previously identified herein and contained within a fully executed ESCO Maintenance Contract (separate document). To increase efficiencies and control costs, each maintenance call must be accepted during a preplanned two-week period or that maintenance visit will be forfeited. ESCO Premium Extended Material Warranty will apply to the direct replacement or repair of the necessary part. ESCO Premium Extended Material Warranty is inclusive of any manufacturer’s material warranty. The disposition of any material failure will be based upon Elevator Service Company’s sole opinion and/or discretion. ESCO Premium Extended Material Warranty is based upon the ship date of the original equipment. ESCO Premium Extended Material Warranty is assignable.

ESCO Premium Extended Material Warranty excludes:
Existing Conditions. – Equipment Misuse. – Power Surge/Sag/Lightning Strikes. – Labor (except the labor warranty provided in the original Installation Contract). – Obsolete Parts. – Shipping/Handling. – Any Governmental Fees, Taxes, etc. – Five Year Full Load Tests or other required tests that may arise beyond this executed agreement imposed by Governmental Authorities having Jurisdiction. – Special, Incidental, Liquidated or Consequential Damages. – Malfunction or damage to parts or equipment caused by direct/indirect accident, misuse, abuse, vandalism, unauthorized modification or alteration, structural condition of building or hoistway, overloading, or failure to follow operating instructions. – Premature wear or corrosion of assemblies or components installed in adverse locations or subjected to unusual or extreme atmospheric or environmental conditions including exposure to chemical or airborne contaminants, in example chemicals, dirt, sand, or water. – Any damage to property or persons caused using the equipment/part, including damages or injuries caused by the failure to understand the functionalities of the equipment/part and use of the equipment/part in accordance with its specifications/operating manuals. – Any and all work that is not performed by Elevator Service Co., Inc. Misuse, neglect, accident, abuse, user negligence, improper operation, fire, flood, acts of God, ordinary wear and tear are excluded.

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