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Elevator Maintenance

To schedule maintenance call 203-757-5000

Home Elevator Maintenance

Our examination, lubrication, and adjustment will cover everything from the control system to the full load test.

What happens during a elevator maintenance visit?

Once your maintenance is scheduled, a mechanic will come out to do routine maintenance to keep your elevator running smoothly and the repairs to a minimum.

While there, the mechanic will:

-Lubricate equipment for smooth and efficient performance
-Adjust elevator parts and components to maximize performance and safe operation
-Document all work performed on maintenance tasks and record logs provided with each controller
-Examine your elevator equipment for optimum operation.

Check the control panel: control, selector, dispatcher, relay panel, timers, resistors, transformers, and motor starter.

Electrical: Wiring, conduit, ducts, and traveling cables that run from the elevator equipment to the machine room mainline disconnect with and the hoistway outlets.

Hoistway and pit equipment: Landing and slowdown switches, limits, car & counterweight buffers, over speed governors, governor tension sheave assemblies, and car counterweight safeties.

Rails and Guides: Guide rails, guide shoe gibs and rollers. Guide rails will be properly lubricated, except where roller guides are used.

Hoist ropes: Lubricate hoist ropes

Door Equipment: Automatic door operators, hoistway car/door hangers, door contacts, door protective devices, door interlocks, door gibs, and auxiliary door closing devices.

Signals and Accessories: Car operating panels, hall push button stations, hall lanterns, emergency lighting, car & hall position indicators, lobby control panels, car operating panels, fireman’s service equipment, and all other signal and accessory facilities furnished and installed as an integral part of the elevator equipment.

Which elevator maintenance is right for my elevator?

The type of maintenance depends on the type of drive system your elevator has. In homes, most commonly seen hydraulic or in-line geared drive (IGD). Since they have different parts, they have different maintenance needs.

Hydraulic: Pump, motor packing, drive belts, strainers, and valves.

IGD: Worm gears, basic gears, thrusts, bearings, rotating elements, brake magnet coils, brushes, brake shoes, linings, pins deflector, secondary & other sheaves, bearings, and assemblies.

How often should I have maintenance performed on my elevator?

Elevators should be maintained biannually, at the very least. If your elevator gets weekly use, it should be under a quarterly maintenance plan. Monthly plans are suggested for commercial elevators or heavy use.


To get started on a maintenance plan or if you already have one and would like to schedule a maintenance visit, please call 203-757-5000.

Vegas Shooting

Prayers for Vegas

Weighing heavily on our hearts is the recent event in Las Vegas. Our very own CJ Giampaolo, Sales Manager at Elevator Service Company, was attending the concert with his wife, Jessica, and her family. Sadly, we mourn the loss of CJ’s father-in-law, Kurt von Tillow, who was shot and killed. In a heroic act, CJ tried to protect Kurt after he was shot, as well as to protect other family members. In addition, both an aunt and cousin were hit by the gunfire and are recuperating . Please keep CJ and Jessica’s family in your thoughts at this time.