Home Elevator Safety Campaign

To any home owner, the idea of an residential elevator may be a dream come true. For people with mobility issues, it goes beyond just a novel idea, to it being a necessity. But there are many safety measures and concerns when installing, operating and maintaining a home elevator. Our friends over at Garaventa Lift informed us of a brand new, and much needed, initiative for Home Elevator Education, to help answer questions and concerns when installing a home elevator.

In June of this year, the homeSAFE (Safety Awareness For Home Elevators) campaign was launched. The homeSAFE partners: The Association of Members of the Accessibility Equipment Industry (AEMA), National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC), National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities International (NAESA International) and ThyssenKrupp Access Corp, reflect the industry production, inspection, sales and installation process of home elevators. The intent of this campaign is to help raise awareness about the installation, operation and maintenance of home elevators. Not only is this is an Industry-First, but its an Industry-Wide awareness campaign.

With the desire for home elevators on the rise (Chicago Tribune), as well as the market consistently growing, more and more home elevators are getting installed. But despise this rise in installations, there is little available information for potential consumers. “Until now, much of this information was either scattered on various websites or not documented. Having information in one place helps homeowners easily find basic information about home elevator safety and smart practices. Simply, this allows them to assume greater control over their safety.” – John Sweeney, president of NAEC. Having customers aware of all the aspects of a home elevator, creates a dialogue between parties, asking more informed questions, and receiving more concrete answers.

This gives Elevator Service Company another source of information to help guide our customers. There are countless questions when considering installing a home elevator. Between price, model, and contracting issues, safety questions sometimes fall to the wayside. With this new campaign there is a place for us to direct both current, and future customers who might have raised safety concerns.

homeSAFE Press Release
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