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2014 HBRA Charitable Foundation Dinner

Back in early September, we ran a post on how Elevator Service Co gives back to our community. We feel it’s unfair to just highlight the good we do, when many of the associations we are connected to, or are apart of, do so much.

Friday night, November 7th, 2014, The Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Central Connecticut is hosting the 2014 Dinner and Benefit Auction. Elevator Service Co will be there to not only partake in the Silent Auction, but we also had 3 items available to bid: a % off a residential elevator, VPL, and a full installation of a straight chair lift.

Previous years, significant donations have been made to Charities such as: The Jimmy Fund, Jonathan’s Dream, The Channel 3 Kids Camp, and The Salvation Army. There was envy and endowed fund established for the UConn Health Center for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

For more on the HBRA of Central Connecticut click here.

AEMA convention

We Are Now AEMA Members

Summer is on its way out, and with the first breaths of Autumn on the wind, news is coming quickly into the ESCO social stream.

With our recent announcement about being an Government SAM certified and verified US Federal Contractor, we have even more badges of credit.
August 21’s inbox brought us our acceptance with the AEMA (An Association of Members of the Accessibility Industry). The AEMA is a “non-profit organization formed in 1990 to meet the needs of the accessibility equipment manufacturers, distributors and end users.”

AEMA’s shared vision is to:
– To grow and develop the accessibility equipment industry by establishing and participating in programs that promote the awareness, understanding and use of accessibility equipment.
– To encourage accessibility equipment manufacturers to interact collectively with building owners, code writers, regulatory authorities, accessibility contractors, government and others associated with accessibility equipment.
– To contribute to the development, standardization and proliferation of safety codes and standards that affect the design, installation and use of accessibility equipment.
– To promote the common business interests of the accessibility and elevator industries.
– To serve as a forum for the standardization of accessibility equipment design aspects that impact user safety, security and ease of use, including equipment operation, signage and terminology.

For us at Elevator Service Company, being an AEMA member is one more badge of honor. Beyond installing and maintaining accessibility equipment, such as VPLs, Stair Chairs, and Alternative Products, being and AEMA gives us a voice in how we can shape the future of all accessibility equipment, from equipment design, to code compliance.

For more information on the AEMA, visit their website here.