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Universal Design in 2014

On November 18th, the Home Builders and Association of Connecticut, hosted the 2014 HOBI awards. Elevator Service Company, being winners of previous awards: 2012 Best New Construction Technology, and 2012 Best Optional Upgrade, we were of course, in attendance. Although we did not receive any awards this year, we did receive and unexpected bonus. Elevator Service Company and one of our contracted projects was a focus feature article in the 2014 Fall edition of the triennial Connecticut Builder Magazine.

The article focuses on two features. One, the need for Universal Design in modern home building, and two, how some builders are achieving that need.

Universal Design, is the design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design. An in-home elevator is an answer to the need for Universal Design in the changing landscape of home building.

At one time, an in-home elevator was considered a luxury amenity. But as the need for homes to fit so many different requirements, for so many different lifestyles, an in-home elevator has become a necessity. “The high cost of land and the desire for more special purpose living space, has pressured builders to finish the basements and attics in new and remodeled homes. At the same time, accessibility and aging in place features are increasingly expected, and require builders to make their homes usable by everyone, regardless of their age or ability.” An in-home elevator covers all of these challenges.

The project, Deer Valley North in Ellington, CT, shows how the builder, Santini Homes, uses in-home elevators to fulfill the need for Universal Design. Santini Homes chose the Symmetry hydraulic, which us at Elevator Service Company, represent. The lifts, 10 units in total, fit the specification of all the new elements for homebuilding, and then some. Offering the quietest, smoothest ride possible, the units run from the basement level to the second floor.

As builders face more and more challenges, companies will need to rise to the occasion to over come them. You can be that Elevator Service Company will be there to help companies, customers, and consumers rise.

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2014 HBRA Charitable Foundation Dinner

Back in early September, we ran a post on how Elevator Service Co gives back to our community. We feel it’s unfair to just highlight the good we do, when many of the associations we are connected to, or are apart of, do so much.

Friday night, November 7th, 2014, The Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Central Connecticut is hosting the 2014 Dinner and Benefit Auction. Elevator Service Co will be there to not only partake in the Silent Auction, but we also had 3 items available to bid: a % off a residential elevator, VPL, and a full installation of a straight chair lift.

Previous years, significant donations have been made to Charities such as: The Jimmy Fund, Jonathan’s Dream, The Channel 3 Kids Camp, and The Salvation Army. There was envy and endowed fund established for the UConn Health Center for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

For more on the HBRA of Central Connecticut click here.

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The 35th Annual Fall Home Show

The final convention of the year is upon us. The 35th Annual Fall Home Show, presented by Jenks Productions, runs October 24th to the 26th 2014, located at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, CT. With a vendor list of over 350 companies, from Appliances to Windows and Doors, and everything in-between, anything you’re looking for is guaranteed to be there.

With the winter months coming, this is the perfect opportunity to look into energy saving options. On that same front, Elevator Service Company has options to be more energy efficient, while still improving your day to day mobility. Our exclusive Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator, is a “Green Technology” lift. It uses the same amount of energy that an average house hold dryer does to lift the cab, and NO ENERGY for the cab to descend.

Interested in improved safety in the home? During potential winter power outages, all our lifts have safety features that allow the lift to return to the ground floor. Beyond that, our Symmetry Elevators have options to continue running up and down, up to 7 times*.

Do you already have an elevator, lift, or stair chair? Come by and ask us about our preventative maintenance program. Is your lift worn out, or is the manufacturer no more? We have solutions to modernize your lift, or even replace the entire unit. From homes to businesses, we will be on hand, every day, to answer all your question on how we can improve your home mobility.

Come by booth #1703 to see our sales specialists and our wide range of products and services.

[box centered_title=”false” inner_padding=”small” with_bg=”true”]67th Connecticut Home & Remodeling Show

WHEN: October 24th – October 26th
WHERE: Connecticut Convention Center, 100 Columbus Boulevard, Hartford, Connecticut 06103
SHOW HOURS: Friday – 5pm-9pm, Saturday – 10am-6pm, Sunday – 10am-5pm
TICKETS: $10: Adults Admission, $8: Senior, $5 for Children 12 and Under

*Usage number dependent on backup, charge and load.

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We Are Now AEMA Members

Summer is on its way out, and with the first breaths of Autumn on the wind, news is coming quickly into the ESCO social stream.

With our recent announcement about being an Government SAM certified and verified US Federal Contractor, we have even more badges of credit.
August 21’s inbox brought us our acceptance with the AEMA (An Association of Members of the Accessibility Industry). The AEMA is a “non-profit organization formed in 1990 to meet the needs of the accessibility equipment manufacturers, distributors and end users.”

AEMA’s shared vision is to:
– To grow and develop the accessibility equipment industry by establishing and participating in programs that promote the awareness, understanding and use of accessibility equipment.
– To encourage accessibility equipment manufacturers to interact collectively with building owners, code writers, regulatory authorities, accessibility contractors, government and others associated with accessibility equipment.
– To contribute to the development, standardization and proliferation of safety codes and standards that affect the design, installation and use of accessibility equipment.
– To promote the common business interests of the accessibility and elevator industries.
– To serve as a forum for the standardization of accessibility equipment design aspects that impact user safety, security and ease of use, including equipment operation, signage and terminology.

For us at Elevator Service Company, being an AEMA member is one more badge of honor. Beyond installing and maintaining accessibility equipment, such as VPLs, Stair Chairs, and Alternative Products, being and AEMA gives us a voice in how we can shape the future of all accessibility equipment, from equipment design, to code compliance.

For more information on the AEMA, visit their website here.

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NAEC’s 65th Annual Convention & 2014 Exposition

Elevator Service Company is down to Texas this week, for the NAEC’s 65th Annual Convention & 2014 Exposition. The NAEC (National Association of Elevator Contractors) is the premier association representing the elevator industry, it’s manufacturers, and installers. The Annual convention and exposition this year, is being held in San Antonio, Texas.

This year, the convention offers many different “Roundtables” from employment laws, to best practices for scaffolding & residential elevator shafts. These discussions bring to the for front issues and concerns for every player in the elevator industry, and how we tackle these issues. The convention also offers several educational sessions. Topics including: Materials and Technology in Elevator Cab Interiors, Elevator & Escalator Inspection/Testing Techniques, and Efficiency in Performing Annual and Five Year Tests.

On the exhibition side, there are over 175 different exhibitors. With products ranging from architectural metals to geared machines, hydraulic lifts, wheelchair lifts & stairlifts, emergency lighting and more. This give Elevator Service Company, a view of new products on the market, and opportunities for us to expand what we can offer our customers.

Elevator Service Companies own President and Vice President, Steven Roth and Paul Farnsworth, respectively, will be in attendance this year, to bring their combined experience in the field they will have plenty to bring to the “Roundtables”. In turn they will also bring back all they have learned, new manufacturer connections, and any new vendors to improve our services for you.

For more information about the NAEC visit their website.
And for more information about the convention, click here.

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How We Give Back

Elevator Service Companies main focus is our customers. But we also want to be community leaders, and give back.

One of the ways we did give back and support our local community was through an event this past month. The 6th Annual MOMIX in the Garden: A Private Performance of Season Excerpts, took place at the home of Anthea Disney & Peter Howe in Litchfield, Connecticut. Every year the event has grown in popularity, selling out, with more than 150 guests showing up. The fundraiser was to benefit the Susan B. Anthony Project, and Elevator Service Company was a proud sponsor of this event. Our own Steven and Linda Roth were in attendance of this years event. Here is an image gallery of the event.

Other ways ESCO is involved in our community.
– President, Steven Roth is the President of the Board of Directors for 5 Points Gallery, in Torrington CT.
– Office Manager, Linda Roth, is a Board Member of the local YMCA, in Torrington CT.
– Donations to The Warner Theatre (Torrington, CT) Annual Fund.
– Donations to the Annual International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 91 Golf Tournament.

On MOMIX: MOMIX is a company of dancer illusionists. Combining exceptional inventiveness and physical beauty.They have performed on stages world-wide, film and television. MOMIX’s stage wonders has been broadcasted 55 countries.

On The Susan B. Anthony Project: The Susan B. Anthony Project promotes safety, healing and growth for all survivors of domestic and sexual abuse and advocates for the autonomy of women and the end of interpersonal violence.

Home Elevator Safety Campaign

To any home owner, the idea of an residential elevator may be a dream come true. For people with mobility issues, it goes beyond just a novel idea, to it being a necessity. But there are many safety measures and concerns when installing, operating and maintaining a home elevator. Our friends over at Garaventa Lift informed us of a brand new, and much needed, initiative for Home Elevator Education, to help answer questions and concerns when installing a home elevator.

In June of this year, the homeSAFE (Safety Awareness For Home Elevators) campaign was launched. The homeSAFE partners: The Association of Members of the Accessibility Equipment Industry (AEMA), National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC), National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities International (NAESA International) and ThyssenKrupp Access Corp, reflect the industry production, inspection, sales and installation process of home elevators. The intent of this campaign is to help raise awareness about the installation, operation and maintenance of home elevators. Not only is this is an Industry-First, but its an Industry-Wide awareness campaign.

With the desire for home elevators on the rise (Chicago Tribune), as well as the market consistently growing, more and more home elevators are getting installed. But despise this rise in installations, there is little available information for potential consumers. “Until now, much of this information was either scattered on various websites or not documented. Having information in one place helps homeowners easily find basic information about home elevator safety and smart practices. Simply, this allows them to assume greater control over their safety.” – John Sweeney, president of NAEC. Having customers aware of all the aspects of a home elevator, creates a dialogue between parties, asking more informed questions, and receiving more concrete answers.

This gives Elevator Service Company another source of information to help guide our customers. There are countless questions when considering installing a home elevator. Between price, model, and contracting issues, safety questions sometimes fall to the wayside. With this new campaign there is a place for us to direct both current, and future customers who might have raised safety concerns.

homeSAFE Press Release
More on home elevators.

ESCO and Government Contracting

Recently Elevator Service Company has become a certified and verified US Federal Contractor. This is represented by the Vendor Verified seal in the lower portion of our website.

What follows is a brief history of what has lead us to this point. In 2012 the CCR or Central Contractor Registration, which was the primary supplier database for the U.S. Federal government, merged its database with the other ten Federal procurement systems. Those systems being: FedReg – Federal Register, ORCA – Online Representations and Certifications Application, EPLS – Excluded Parties List System, CFDA – Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance, eSRS – Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System, FBO – Federal Business Opportunities, FPDS-NG – Federal Procurement Data System Next Generation, FPDS – Federal Procurement Data System, FSRS – FFATA Subaward Reporting System, FFATA – Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act, PPIRS – Past Performance Information Retrieval System, WDOL – Wage Determination Online Homepage.

The new integrated procurement system is call SAM, or the System for Award Management. To be SAM certified, company needs to work directly with a SAM case manager to complete their CCR and ORCA filing. Elevator Service Company has done just that.

According to The Georgia Tech Procurement Assistance Center “as many as 20 percent of the over 600,000 firms presently registered in CCR have mistakes in their records.” When a non-certified vendor places a bid and some minute detail in their CCR information is incorrect, that bid can potentially be lost. Being certified gives assurance to our customers that all of our information is correct and compliant. Our certification sets us apart from the competition who might have a rushed or poorly prepared registration to try and bid on contracts.

This again is just another step for Elevator Service Company to be ahead of the game. Weather its us using the most innovative elevator technologies, or simply taking the proper time and measures to be recognized for our service. Our consumers will find quality and assurance with our work.

More on SAM –

Let the News Come to You

Normally, when looking for news on a particular subject we would just go to our favorite search engine and type what we might be looking for. The problem with searching say, elevator news, is it can get muddled with news articles involving anything with an elevator. This is where some of the old ways still are the best. The NAEC (National Association of Elevator Contractors) sends a monthly newsletter, Mainline,  that has great information for both consumers and contractors.

To start off, Mainline is a free resource. To view the back catalogue, you do need to be a registered and verified member, but the current newsletter is available to view and download, every month. Each issue has insights on what’s happening industry and nationwide. The current issue of May 2014, focuses on the NAEC Accessibility/Residential Committee – Exhibiting at IBS” in Las Vegas, NV. Also highlighted are some products from the exhibitor showcase. These two in particular caught our interests.

CEDES APS (Absolute Positioning System): What this system can do is essential eliminate the final limit switch, final limit inspection switch, over-speed governor, emergency terminal speed limiting, early door opening, re-leveling with open doors and detection of unintended car movement. At the same time the system “tracks car speed and position with the precision and reliability of a Swiss watch.” It accomplishes this by having twin Infrared cameras mounted on car, reading a continues code tape along the shaft wall, the doors, or anywhere. Think of it like a floor to ceiling barcode.

Solo Project, from Kings III: Essentially the Life Alert(R) for workers who are in the field and running solo. With functionality including: 24/7 support, Man Down detection, SiRF IV GPS and an innovative camera function, this is a great investment for workers in the elevator industry. There is even a verbal abuse capture feature, to help employees facing social risk.

To stay on top of the industry and be able to offer our customers the latest and greatest in elevator technology and trends, we need to be beyond informed. Mainline offers us that information outlet. And its not just Mainline that makes it easier to stay ahead. There are plenty of other resources, some direct from our manufacturers themselves, filled with insights, news and the latest product information.

Welcome to the Team!

Elevator Service Co would like to give an official warm welcome to the latest member our sales team, Keith Domack.

Keith has over 30 years of retail management experience in the Southern New York and Western Connecticut regions. He’s a United States Navy vet, a husband, and a father. When he’s not working he’s either spending time with his beloved Golden Retrievers, or you can find him lost on the links.

Keith will be representing all of Elevator Service Companies product line, maintenance contracting, service, and repair issues in our New York areas. His main office location in Millbrook, will look to service Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, and Westchester Counties. His 30+ years of customer centered experience will be there every step of the way with any and all elevating inquiries.

Take a moment to welcome Keith to the Elevator Service Company family.

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