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The 35th Annual Fall Home Show

The final convention of the year is upon us. The 35th Annual Fall Home Show, presented by Jenks Productions, runs October 24th to the 26th 2014, located at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, CT. With a vendor list of over 350 companies, from Appliances to Windows and Doors, and everything in-between, anything you’re looking for is guaranteed to be there.

With the winter months coming, this is the perfect opportunity to look into energy saving options. On that same front, Elevator Service Company has options to be more energy efficient, while still improving your day to day mobility. Our exclusive Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator, is a “Green Technology” lift. It uses the same amount of energy that an average house hold dryer does to lift the cab, and NO ENERGY for the cab to descend.

Interested in improved safety in the home? During potential winter power outages, all our lifts have safety features that allow the lift to return to the ground floor. Beyond that, our Symmetry Elevators have options to continue running up and down, up to 7 times*.

Do you already have an elevator, lift, or stair chair? Come by and ask us about our preventative maintenance program. Is your lift worn out, or is the manufacturer no more? We have solutions to modernize your lift, or even replace the entire unit. From homes to businesses, we will be on hand, every day, to answer all your question on how we can improve your home mobility.

Come by booth #1703 to see our sales specialists and our wide range of products and services.

[box centered_title=”false” inner_padding=”small” with_bg=”true”]67th Connecticut Home & Remodeling Show

WHEN: October 24th – October 26th
WHERE: Connecticut Convention Center, 100 Columbus Boulevard, Hartford, Connecticut 06103
SHOW HOURS: Friday – 5pm-9pm, Saturday – 10am-6pm, Sunday – 10am-5pm
TICKETS: $10: Adults Admission, $8: Senior, $5 for Children 12 and Under

*Usage number dependent on backup, charge and load.

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NAEC’s 65th Annual Convention & 2014 Exposition

Elevator Service Company is down to Texas this week, for the NAEC’s 65th Annual Convention & 2014 Exposition. The NAEC (National Association of Elevator Contractors) is the premier association representing the elevator industry, it’s manufacturers, and installers. The Annual convention and exposition this year, is being held in San Antonio, Texas.

This year, the convention offers many different “Roundtables” from employment laws, to best practices for scaffolding & residential elevator shafts. These discussions bring to the for front issues and concerns for every player in the elevator industry, and how we tackle these issues. The convention also offers several educational sessions. Topics including: Materials and Technology in Elevator Cab Interiors, Elevator & Escalator Inspection/Testing Techniques, and Efficiency in Performing Annual and Five Year Tests.

On the exhibition side, there are over 175 different exhibitors. With products ranging from architectural metals to geared machines, hydraulic lifts, wheelchair lifts & stairlifts, emergency lighting and more. This give Elevator Service Company, a view of new products on the market, and opportunities for us to expand what we can offer our customers.

Elevator Service Companies own President and Vice President, Steven Roth and Paul Farnsworth, respectively, will be in attendance this year, to bring their combined experience in the field they will have plenty to bring to the “Roundtables”. In turn they will also bring back all they have learned, new manufacturer connections, and any new vendors to improve our services for you.

For more information about the NAEC visit their website.
And for more information about the convention, click here.

Welcome to the Team!

Elevator Service Co would like to give an official warm welcome to the latest member our sales team, Keith Domack.

Keith has over 30 years of retail management experience in the Southern New York and Western Connecticut regions. He’s a United States Navy vet, a husband, and a father. When he’s not working he’s either spending time with his beloved Golden Retrievers, or you can find him lost on the links.

Keith will be representing all of Elevator Service Companies product line, maintenance contracting, service, and repair issues in our New York areas. His main office location in Millbrook, will look to service Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, and Westchester Counties. His 30+ years of customer centered experience will be there every step of the way with any and all elevating inquiries.

Take a moment to welcome Keith to the Elevator Service Company family.

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Western New England Home Show

This weekend marks the last home show of the season for Elevator Service Co. The 22nd Annual Western New England Home Show, presented by Jenks Productions, is Western Connecticut’s biggest home show. Located at Western CT State Universities, O’Neil Center in Danbury CT, this show boasts a surplus of options for any home improvement project you have planned.

The 22nd Annual Western New England Home Show has an “impressive list of exhibits includes building materials, contractors, decorators, doors & windows, pools & spas, heating & cooling systems, kitchens, cookware, water purification, cleaning service, energy companies, satellite TV, lawn & garden, baths, outdoor living spaces, cookware, security systems, roofing, real estate, banks & mortgage companies.”

Like the previous shows this year, Elevator Service Company will be on hand to talk about all our products and services. Do you have a business that needs to be AIA compliant? Come down to our booth and talk with one of experts. Do you have need to make your home more accessible to any one with mobility issues? From staircharis to wheelchair lifts, we have an array of products that will fit your home, and fit your budget, we will be on hand to answer all your questions.

Come and see us at booth #801 this weekend.

WHEN: March 22nd & 23rd 2014
WHERE: O’Neill Center Western CT State University, University Boulevard, Danbury, CT 06810
TIME: Saturday – 11am-8pm, Sunday – 11am-5pm
BOOTH: #801

Free admission ticket here!

ESCO and the Center for Disability Rights

With the 67th Connecticut Home & Remodeling Show wrapping up, we have even more news coming in. On March 1st, Elevator Service Companies own Paul Farnsworth, received an invite from the Center for Disabilities Rights (CDR) to serve on a Blue Ribbon Commission. This one time commission goal is to help identify, both individuals and organizations, to help the CDR grow and advocate its goals.

The CDR is a membership organization of individuals with disabilities. They operate a Center for Independent Living, which provides services to individuals and their families. Also the CDR provides information, technical assist and education to businesses, government, and members of the community. While advocating for people with disabilities and their issues, the CDR brings their issues from a local level all the way to the national stage.

Elevator Service Companies extensive understating of ADA compliance, and our products will be a key factor in the commission. We understand the difficulty many people face when their mobility becomes less than optimal, and Paul will bring his years of knowledge and experience to the table.

For more information on the Center for Disabilities Rights visit their website

67th Connecticut Home & Remodeling Show

Coming off of the The 2014 Home Show last weekend at Foxwoods Resort Casino, Elevator Service Co is already packed for the next home show of the season. This weekend is the 67th Connecticut Home & Remodeling Show, at the CT Convention Center in Hartford. The Connecticut Home & Remodeling Show is “Connecticut’s largest and longest running Home and Remodeling Show.” This long time running show brings the best the state has to offer is the areas of home improvement, building, and remodeling.

The Connecticut Home & Remodeling Show boasts a 400+ booth count. From home financing, to indoor/outdoor security, to backyard iceskating rings, this show has something to offer every homeowner. After the tour of the show booths, don’t forget to check The “Design Feature” schedule. This year, there are 18 different events aimed to help all homeowners. From doing tile, to the new health care laws, to talks on classic timeless design. If you own your own home, or plan on improvement to it this year, or plan to purchase your own home soon, this is the show to come to.

Elevator Service Co, has so much to offer attendees of the 67th Connecticut Home & Remodeling Show. If you have loved ones who are disabled, require wheelchair access, or no longer have the mobility that they use to have, we have products designed for just that. Our line of Vertical Platform Lifts and Inclined Wheelchair Lifts can be installed to easily and safely raise anyone with a wheelchair or power-chair. Our exclusive Acorn Stair Lifts can be installed for straight and curved stair ways, to improve mobility floor to floor, without disrupting the integrity of your home.

We are also debuting a brand new product this year. Recently we just became the exclusive dealer for Connecticut and New York, for ConvetaStep Platforms. ConvetaStep Platforms offer the same benefits of a traditional wheelchair ramp, but with out taking up so much space, and at a fraction of the cost.

Come by booth #1124 to see our sales specialists and our wide range of products and services.

[box centered_title=”false” inner_padding=”small” with_bg=”true”]67th Connecticut Home & Remodeling Show
WHEN: February 28th – March 2nd
WHERE: Connecticut Convention Center, 100 Columbus Boulevard, Hartford, Connecticut 06103
SHOW HOURS: Friday – 5pm-9pm, Saturday – 10am-8pm, Sunday – 10am-5pm
TICKETS: $12: Regular Admission, $9: Senior Admission (65+)

Home Show Season Starts Now

Elevator Service Company kicks off the Home Show season, this Saturday and Sunday at Foxwoods Casino Resort, in Ledyard Connecticut.

Hosted in the luxurious Premier Ballroom of the MGM Grand, The 2014 Home Show, presented by Red Stone Promotions, Inc, is a showcase of companies and products aimed at current and future homeowners. From kitchens, to backup generators, and of course, elevators and lifts, there are over 200 booths, each tailoring to your home needs.

If you are a homeowner, we will have our most experience staff on hand to talk to you about all of our available products. Interested in our exclusive Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator? We can answer all your questions, from pricing to installation. Do you have a family member who needs more mobility up and down stairs? Talk to us about our stair chairs. We can work with any stair case, straight or curved, to get you living more freely. We have lifts that will tailor to any need you have.

Our services don’t stop with new installs. If you have an existing lift, talk to us about retrofitting or maintaing your lift to keep it running smoothly and code compliant for years to come. And if you are a contractor, builder, or developer, talk to us about our different packages.

So come see us at booth #416, at The Home Show 2014, presented buy Red Stone Promotions, Inc.

WHEN: February 22nd & 23rd 2014
WHERE: Foxwoods Resort Casino in The Premier Ballroom, 39 Norwich-Westerly Rd, Ledyard, CT 06338
TIME: Saturday – 11am-8pm, Sunday – 11am-5pm

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